Manicure – Because Your Hands Deserve the Best!

Your hands endure a lot throughout the day, and yet are most ignored when it comes to effective skin care. Your hands are special and deserve the best. So, pamper them with our finest assortment of Manicure treatments, designed especially for your beautiful hands.

Your hands first show the signs of aging, especially wrinkles. Moreover, they become dull, tired and frizzy due to seasonal changes, lack of nourishment and excessive work pressure. Therefore, effective massages, moisturizing and hydration becomes essential to keep your hands supple, soft and beautiful.

Getting manicure at VERO Unisex Spalon is not merely about keeping your hands beautiful, but also contributes persistently towards their wellness and health. We offer two types of manicure treatments – spa or therapeutic manicure and intense moisturizing manicure.

In spa manicure, we use 100% organic products and ancient therapeutic sciences to gently massage your hands and improve blood circulation, flexibility and supplements of your hands and wrists. It is an effective way to de-stress and let your hands unwind the daily stresses of life.

Intense moisturizing manicure treatment is designed to provide the essential nourishment that your hands deserve. Our manicure experts will pamper and moisturize your hands for deep nourishment, enrichment and hydration, keeping them soft and supple for long.

Our professional experts will also help correct spilt nails, fragile tips and scaly cuticles, giving you beautiful and healthy nails to boast of proudly. Right from deep cleansing to healing massage, moisturizing, nail care, and skin toning, we do it all in the most professional way. We ensure a most delightful manicure experience for both men and women in our salon, promising beautiful hands that you will love to show off.

Want to know how to take care of your hands regularly? Call our experts at VERO Unisex Spalon and get expert advice.